Our December 2016 Spotlight :: Wendy Adams

Wendy Adams  grew up in Boston, NY and attended Hamburg High School. Her family moved to Grand Island and she attended Niagara University with a BS in Commerce, minor in Marketing. Wendy met her husband online before it was "cool" in 1999, he's from Newfane, NY. He's a mechanical engineer and has a side business fixing and building computers. Have a problem he can fix inexpensively! They married in 2004, and moved to Wheatfield/Pendleton NY. Wendy a full time working mom with a 6 year old, Braden. He attends Starpoint, Fricano Primary in 1st grade. Wendy loves couponing, ironing, gardening, reading, swimming, skiing, biking, spinning, treating herself to great beauty products, traveling, watching movies, love and support animal causes, children's causes and veterans causes.

Wendy is currently working as a Director of Business Development at Union Square Media Group, LLC. She works with call centers and publishers of websites and advertisers nationally. She will look into driving new leads and sales/consumers to their offers. She does this on a performance basis.

In 1998, Wendy met a former ABWA member through a friend (who happened to be one of the past presidents of ABWA. She introduced Wendy to ABWA and after one meeting she knew this group was for her! Wendy has held just about every position and chaired committees in our chapter before becoming President in 2008-2010. Wendy says she has met so many amazing and talented women through ABWA. Wendy calls her ABWA family her “GO TO WOMEN” when she had questions about what they may do in their field of business. For Wendy ABWA has demonstrated a real “sisterhood” of support as she has traveled with ABWA friends from around the country to conferences and has encircled herself with women in every industry: business owners, teachers, lawyers, a judge.

In addition, Wendy has earned CEU credits and been a recipient of Business Skills Tuition Reimbursement and received many awards.  Over the years Wendy has been awarded: Women of the year twice (2008 & 2010), National ABWA Top 10 Business Women Candidate (2010) and Local top 5 Business Women (2000). She participated in two large National ABWA conferences to Niagara Falls where they hosted a couple thousand women, bring several million dollars of travel, food, hospitality and entertainment business to Buffalo/Niagara Falls, New York. Wendy also chaired and sat on the committee for our ABWA Chinese auction for over 10 years. Wendy is very proud and honored to be a sustaining member of a historic organization empowering women in WNY and to be apart of being able to give so much between scholarships to women, students, and to local non-profit groups.

Wendy  joined ABWA to meet other women that live in the area, learn about where they work and what they do as well to broaden her circle of influence. Wendy likes that ABWA is a National organization and that we are operating as a local chapter. Wendy would like other women to know that “ABWA is very open, friendly and supportive of all members needs coming in. You put in what you get out of it!”

Fun facts:

What is your favorite TV Show? Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite Song on the radio? “Hello” by Adele

Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate Marshmellow with Heath bar topping
Last movie you went to see at the theater? Jungle Book with Braden

Last book you read? "Don't Swear with your Mouth Full: When Conventional Discipline Fails Unconventional Children" by Cary S. Chugh PS.D W

What is your favorite holiday and why?

Christmas, it's a time to reflect be thankful, share and give to those you love- nothing better!

3 unique things about her, in her own words:

  1. I love getting a paper card, pictures or hand written letter in the mail. I love the experience of holding it and/or reading it several times thinking about the time and effort someone spent to make my day.
  2. I still prefer to talk to someone on the phone rather than text. I love the sound of their voice and how you can make your point easier than by text or email, maybe that's why I'm good at sales!
  3. I get my sales skills from my grandmother- a door to door sales woman working full time in the 1950s with 4 children at home, my great uncle- a business owner and real estate developer in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Best piece of advice you have ever received and by who?

"Find those people to surround yourself with, that you know are smarter than you- that can help move you forward in your profession" Jason Akatiff CEO founder A4D.com

Wendy would like to leave you with her favorite quote "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." Eleanor Roosevelt

Wendy can be reached by email, call or text :

wastridge@verizon.net or call/text 716-260-8045