March 2018 Spotlight :: Nancy Rizzo

Nancy Rizzo
Life & Mindset Navigation™ Coach

Nancy Rizzo is a Certified Life Coach.  Her Mindset Navigation™ trademarked system has created life-changing results for her clients over the past ten years. They answer the important question “How?” How do we successfully navigate and overcome personal and professional challenges that “anchor” us? And how do we stay positive through it all? We may feel like we know “the How” intellectually, but are we actually executing it?  Nancy helps you rewire that knowing into action.  That becomes your new habit!

Nancy’s systems and tools are based on the art and neuroscience of change: retraining and re‑wiring brain habits, thoughts, and beliefs so you can get off that old default mindset and onto your new life story. 

Her coaching philosophy is based on consistently choosing “Mindset First and Action Second” so you can be successful – making choices that you can actually execute from authenticity and integrity.  “You are here for a purpose, and you are meant to be happy” is the foundation of Nancy’s coaching practice, Smart & Simple Wellness.   Her Mindset Navigation™ System allows you to be effective, productive and moving forward instead of grappling through or feeling unworthy of what you truly deserve.

Nancy is a Speaker, Instructor, Author, Group and Personal Coach, offering in-person, telephone, and workshop sessions.  She is also a Certified New Life Story Wellness™ Coach and a Conversational Intelligence® C-IQ Enhanced Skills Coach.  With over 30 years business experience and leadership across numerous industries and departments, Nancy specializes in coaching women business owners on their pioneering journeys!  She is the “woman behind the women” who lights a fire under “hard workin’ womenfolk” and makes them unstoppable!

Nancy volunteers her time leading, supporting and networking women in the community as Membership Chair and past Vice President  of The American Business Women’s Association (ABWA), service on the Board for The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), and six years as Secretary of New York State Women, Inc., which includes the support and services these groups provide back to their communities.

Buffalonians, Nancy and her husband of 43 years are blessed with two amazing sons, precious daughter-in-law, and two baby grandsons!



How did you learn about ABWA?
“I do not believe in coincidences – everything on my journey is divinely aligned in divine time.  I met then-President, Amy Christieson of Benefit Brokers of WNY at a college conference.  She invited me to be a Speaker at her upcoming ABWA WNY meeting in January, 2012.  Upon standing at the podium, before starting my presentation, there was this palpable, warm, welcoming, and very high vibrational energy coming from all these wonderful womenfolk!  I so belonged!  I immediately told the room what I felt, and that I was joining right then and there!  We are each others’ sisters and supporters”.  Grows my heart “two times bigger!” ( The Grinch Who Stole Christmas)

What inspires you?
“Life inspires me.  It is a spiritual journey filled with blessings and life lessons - and we are graced with magnificent, soul-connected people who accompany us; and more so, we are graced with accompanying them.”

Favorite Quote
“LOL! I think if you posted this on FB, everyone would shout “oil in her lamp!”  Mother Teresa’s quote:  “To keep a lamp burning, you have to keep putting oil into it.”  When I coach all of these hard workin’ womenfolk, I always invite them to “put oil their lamps;” because if Mother Teresa thought it was okay to do that, I think we could allow ourselves to do that too!”

Best piece of advice you have received and by who
“WOW! I’ve been blessed with so much wisdom from so many people divinely placed in my life.  I felt foundation in this one:  “Do not despair!”  My mom’s big sister and our favorite aunt - Auntie Anna Spano spoke this to my sweet big sister, Cindy, with such passion, strength and conviction - that it etched into my soul.  Maybe this is where my “Choose Instead” Life Tool was born from.  My warrior sister battled breast cancer on and off for 14 years and passed at 46.  I would drive from the Town of Tonawanda to West Seneca to pick her up to bring her to Roswell.  It would give us an opportunity to stop by and laugh or cry with Aunt Anna on Niagara Street. During one of the “cry” visits, she imparted this battle cry to us - DO NOT DESPAIR! - and we had no choice but to keep going.  Thank you Aunt Anna”.

Do you have any hobbies?
“My favorite ‘present’ hobby is my two baby grandsons.  There are no words.” (“Obviously, my favorite ‘past’ hobby was my two sons!”)

Have you traveled anywhere outrageous or fabulous?
“Both outrageous and fabulous was our “Chevy Chase” whirlwind trip to London, England when our son, Justin’s band, More Than Me, won the Hard Rock Calling Contest in 2012 and opened for Paul McCartney.  We guessed and bought 6 expensive tickets for Paul McCartney without knowing if they would open for him, Pearl Jam, or Stevie Wonder. But since this was a dream come true, we figured it would be the entire dream.  Yup, he opened for his idol, Sir Paul McCartney! Whew!  We jumped in and out of a London taxi for speed sightseeing in one evening. We watched Justin perform in front of 45,000 people. Then “just because” our son, Matthew said, “ma, we can’t go all the way to Europe and not go to Italy,” the miracle worker travel expert, Myriam Renzi of Voyage by Design, had to then get us to Pisa, Florence, Sienna, San Gimignano, and Rome. We had drivers and tours and guides – oh my!  On top of the best sightseeing ever of one of the most magnificent historic areas of all time, Myriam had 2 weeks to coordinate all this, and we had 9 days to jam it all in!”


Now for some fun facts:

What is your favorite TV Show?  Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite Song on the radio?  Anything Bruno Mars

Favorite ice cream flavor? Anything chocolate with nuts

Last book you read? Many Lives Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. (talk about power of perspective!)

What is your favorite holiday and why?
“Christmas Eve sit down dinner for 25 at our house where we have to pack up furniture into other rooms in order to set up one giant table and chairs; move papers, notes and lists that I can never seem to find again; open gifts “one at a time” so everyone gets to see; a gathering of all the same pitched (laughing) cacklers; and take a family photo via a 6 second timed camera on a tripod! Some years we have an orb.  This year we had five baby boys ages 4 and under!  It’s chaos every year.  “Christmas Chaos” I guess – the best.  Blessed.”

You can reach Nancy at any of the following:

Office/Cell: 716-812-0305