April 2018 Spotlight :: Amy Olson

Amy Olson

I own Creative Inservices, LLC which is a Health Education Training company that was founded in 1996 and is located in Cheektowaga, NY.  We offer courses through American Heart Association, American Red Cross and American Safety and Health Institute. Creative Inservices trains over 2000 people in First Aid, CPR/AED and Safe Sitter classes every year. We have a classroom at our location and we also travel to our clients.

As the owner I am responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company from managing the office staff, instructors and clients to teaching courses.  In addition, I also oversee 20+ training center locations where the nurse educators that are trained by myself teach the CPR and First Aid courses to their own employees.  I routinely go on site to preform site inspections and class observations to make sure everything adheres to our standards.

I heard of ABWA while attending another local networking function and last year I won a membership to ABWA at one of the events.  I chose to move forward with the membership because I saw the value of the group as they had valuable information and support for business owners through their speakers and dedicated members in the group to help you grow as a woman and as a business owner.  Becoming a member of ABWA has allowed me to network and grow close with other women business owners who embrace you whole heartedly at any stage of your business and personal life.  The women of AWBA are hard working and dedicated to not only growing the organization but helping you grow as a business owner and a person!

I would like members to know that even if they do not know me or know me well, I am always happy to help you in whatever way I can!  My “door” is always open.

My career has always been in the health field because I love to help people learn and understand about their health and instill life long skills to be able to help themselves and others.  I have a Master’s degree in Physical Education and Adult Education with a concentration in Health Education.  I taught PE and Health for many years in both the K-12 and Collegiate settings as well as coached a variety of sport.  In addition, I was teaching CPR and First aid classes on the side and for the college. I have 3 children and when I was pregnant with my twins I decided to give up teaching at Niagara County Community College after they were born and stay home.  To my surprise, a week after they were born, I received a call from a friend who said she knew someone who was selling a CPR business.  Timing wasn’t exactly ideal, but I could not pass up this opportunity to run a business that is dedicated to teaching people how to save lives.  That is how I came to own Creative Inservices, LLC and started my long 5 ½ year journey as a business owner 6 month after that initial phone call.  I’ve been a certified Red Cross and American Heart instructor for about 20 years and a year after owning the company I became a training center for Safe Sitter which offers classes to youth 11-15 for those who stay home alone, babysit siblings or others.  This year I have also added a training center called American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) and they offer the same training as the other two companies.  I am always looking out for my clients and the ability to give them choices for what they need is my goal. The essential point is that they learn from the program that they have chosen.

People can get in touch with me by either email or phone.  (aolson@creativeinservices.com) (office: 716-832-0818)

What truly inspires me are the stories from my clients when they tell me that they had to use the training we provided to save someone’s life! It has happened multiple times throughout my 20 years as an instructor and almost 6 years as a business owner. My first inspiration was when I was teaching Physical Education at a local high school and I was teaching Lifeguard training to a group of 11th and 12th graders.  Shortly after I certified them as lifeguards, one of my students came to me and said that he had used CPR on his grandfather and had saved his life because of the skills he learned in the lifeguard class!  You can’t even imagine how I felt after I heard about that incident!!

Favorite Quote: “Be Prepared to Save a Life!” by Amy Olson

The best piece of advice I ever receive was from my soccer coach who told me how he decided to become a physical education teacher.  He said he thought about what he really loved to do (working with kids and sports) and he put them together.  I am very thankful for that advice because I love sports and health and I love working with people of all ages to help them learn to be healthier and proactive and prepared when it comes to helping others in need.

I am a volunteer firefighter for the Ellwood Fire Department in the Town of Tonawanda and I am going on 18 years in February with them!  I spent almost 2 years with another fire department before I moved to Tonawanda so I really have almost 20 years in the fire service. Why do I volunteer?  For the same reasons I love to teach…to help people in need! 

Three unique things about me are:

1. I once sung the Canadian National Anthem by heart for an international banquet (it was either that or God Save The Queen!) so being the avid hockey fan, if I couldn’t sing our anthem, that was the next logical choice.

2. I was the vice president of my high school Drama club and acted for 2 years.

3. I was chosen to be part of a soccer team that went to Italy for 10 days when I was a senior in high school.  The irony is that I only played soccer for 1 year before being selected for this honor!

Hobbies: I am a certified scuba diver and have dove in many places, including wreck dives and at times reached 110 feet below sea! I’ve been singing in groups since middle school and I play a little piano and a little violin.  I love camping, hiking and outdoor adventures, horseback riding and ice skating.

Travel: Italy (2x)- first time was to play soccer (Venice, Florence and Pisa) and the  second time was with my husband (Rome and Florence), my husband’s company won a Mediterranean Cruise and we sailed from Portugal, to Morocco, the Canary Islands and ended with an evening in Madrid! We have been on several cruises to the Caribbean and we try to go to Key West every year as it is my husband’s favorite vacation spot! 

I have known my husband Ken for 18 years and we got married in June of 2006.  We are both firefighters in the Town of Tonawanda and that is where we initially met. My oldest son Noah will be 10 in March and he is a drummer.  He has been sitting in with bands since he was 3 years old.  We routinely travel to NJ with the family and his drum kit, so he can play with a rock and roll band called the Juliano Brothers who are old enough to be his grandparents!   He also sits in for a 7-piece Dixieland Jazz band that comes to Buffalo annually. My twins Emily and Luke are 6 years old and they bring a lot of energy to the family!!  I can’t wait to see what talents they will develop!

Fun Facts:

Favorite TV show: That’s a tough one!  I Love the Chicago Fire series but I also laugh at the crazy Impractical Jokers show.

Favorite Song: Old Time Rock N Roll

Ice Cream: Chocolate

Last Movie: The Last Jedi with my son Noah

Last Book: Harry Potter Series (I started a Billy Joel biography book)

Favorite Holiday: Christmas -because I love how the Christian spirit shines during the season and the magic it brings through music and generosity! I try to carry that feeling and generosity throughout the year.