May 2018 Spotlight :: Katherine Lucas

Katherine Lucas
Owner & Executive Producer

If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and

become more, then, you are an excellent leader. Dolly Parton


I am the owner and Executive Producer of Buffalo Video Production. We tell stories, our

medium is video. When a business or an organization need to inform customers, viewers,

patients, employees or the general public, video is the most powerful medium. We create

patient education videos for Roswell Park patients to help with their treatment and recovery. We

told the story of Red Arena, an equine speech therapy ranch in Austin to help them with their

goal of raising 1 million dollars. We create commercials, web page content, and e-learning

courses..I love what I do - I write scripts, cast talent, direct shoots, work with my talented crew,

but most importantly - our videos affect how people think, feel, and act - altogether, a great way

to work.

ABWA was very helpful to me in my past as the event creator for Niagara Hospice. They

supported our flower sale, Light a Life Christmas remembrance event, and general support and

donations. Several years later, when I had my own business, I wanted to join a group that was

as caring as it was supportive of business. To my delight, ABWA is more that I remembered -

the women are so friendly, supportive, and sincere in their desire to help others.

I have had many jobs, several careers, but this work is a culmination of all of them. I have been

a teacher of gifted and talented children, a dermatology nurse, a celebrity makeup artist, an

author, a magazine editor.

I am married to Rob Crispo, a brilliant computer scientist and avid cyclist, mother to a perfect

son, Anthony Crispo, a mechanical engineer and UB Rugby coach, and loving mother to my

dogs, Nina and Chelsea. I live in North Tonawanda in the house I grew up in.

My hobbies are reading, creating fun events for my friends, supporting my pet charities ( Cystic

Fibrosis Foundation, YWCA, and Adopt - a 

I have written 9 books, and am currently writing a racy Regency romance. I was Rick James’

makeup artist, a member of Mensa, was the honorary chair of the YWCA Stand Against

Racism, and perform in Diva by Diva at O’Connell and Company.

Currently, my favorite TV show is Suits, last movie was The Post,favorite song is Time in a

Bottle, best ice cream - chocolate mint, and favorite holiday is Thanksgiving - a time for friends,

family, and gratitude.

The best piece of advice I received is from my aunt who, after a long and interesting life said,

“Everyone has to climb fool’s hill.” I’m still climbing and have learned a lot along the way.

Thanks ABWA!