Our January 2018 Spotlight :: Sarah Blankenship

Sarah Blankenship
COO of Wilcox Financial Group, LLC

Sarah Blankenship is a financial planner, co-owner of Wilcox Financial Group, LLC located in the Village of Williamsville. Her focus as a financial planner is on helping women and families own their financial future! She helps create financial plans for people who know they are doing well, but don’t have the time to know exactly what to do with their money, or perhaps just need someone to hold them accountable. Her clients know they have a plan in place and don’t have to worry anymore about whether they are making the right decisions. Wilcox Financial’s goal is to reach as many people as possible; help them feel confident and give them clarity on how to reach their money goals.

Sarah has grown up with the American Business Women’s Association, as her mother; Denise Blankenship has been a lifelong member and still is to this day. What attracted Sarah to follow in her mother’s footsteps was when she took severance from a job and knew she needed to a place to network, to learn and be supported by other women. She says she joined online before attending a meeting, she just knew she needed to be there. In fact, she wouldn’t have met her business partner if she hadn’t signed up! Sarah met Nicholle Overkamp at an ABWA meeting and their business grew organically.  Sarah says the best part of her job is the sigh of relief she sees from her clients. Whether its knowing they are making the right decisions with their spending and saving, and helping them protect their family or showing them how much they can spend in retirement, money touches everything we do and she wants people to feel good about it! Sarah has been working with Nicholle Overkamp at Wilcox Financial for five years now, and prior to that in the banking industry for seven years.

Sarah is a series 7 and series 66 registered investment adviser, Life and health licensed. She is certified with the NYS Partnership for Long term care. She also has her MBA and BS in Psychology, both from the University at Buffalo.

Sarah lives in North buffalo with her teeny dog, Feta. She loves to travel, cook and lift weights and says every woman should lift weights. ”Feeling strong is an amazing feeling.” She has traveled many places; Hungary, France, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Austria just to name a few. She also encourages people to not wait to travel, there are too many places to go and you don’t want to run out of time.

Sarah is inspired by watching women who once doubted themselves so much in the past become filled with confidence. She has experienced this first hand with being involved in ABWA. She would like you to know that the women in this group have an abundance mindset. They want to help each other, be friends with each other, and grow with each other. This is the place to share your business, your ideas, be open to being vulnerable to help you excel to the next level, all in a comforting environment!


Fun facts:

What is your favorite TV Show? Greys Anatomy

Favorite Song on the radio? I listen to books vs. music most days, but enjoy jazz music

Favorite ice cream flavor? Mint ting a ling.

Last movie you went to see at the theater? Bad moms Christmas.

Last book you read? Unbreakable. Thom Shea.

What is your favorite holiday and why?
Thanksgiving. I run the Turkey Trot every year with friends and its always just a good time. Maybe it's the endorphins or the promise of pie. Who knows.

3 unique things about her, in her own words:
1. I can solve a rubik's cube
2. I have a black belt in Taekwondo
3. Despite being a really healthy eater -I am incapable of resisting a warm chocolate chip cookie

Best piece of advice you have ever received and by who?Someone pointed out to me once that people are always telling others how busy they are and it can be interpreted as you don't have time for them. We are all busy but I always want people to know that I have time for them. However big or small their need.

Sarah would like to leave you with her favorite quote "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you"

You can Reach Sarah at any of the following:
Office: 716-906-3175
People can also Facebook message or DM on Instagram.