Our February 2017 Spotlight :: Amy Christieson

Amy Christieson is a local business owner of Benefit Brokers of WNY, founded in 2009, located in Amherst. Benefit Brokers of WNY specializes in Employee Benefits, Human Resources Outsourcing, Payroll and Benefit Administration.

Amy started in the insurance industry over 20 years ago working for an amazing family owned agency and she never left the industry.  Amy stated that her profession chose her verses her choosing her profession.  Amy absolutely loves helping her clients make sound business decisions, sharing important information, and striving to exceed their expectation every day.  Equally as important to Amy is the development of the people who work for Benefit Brokers of WNY.  Amy's goal is to treat each employee as a gift and do her best at bringing out the very best in each of them.

Amy found ABWA in 2009 while looking for other like-minded women and opportunities to grow her business. Amy works in a male dominated industry and needed some balance so she was looking for a group that had a female focus. Amy felt it was important to be a part of ABWA because she knew other women needed ABWA like she did, so she saw an opportunity to become part of the organization and hopefully to share the experience with other women.

Amy would like you to know that ABWA is a warm and welcoming group of women who truly want to support one another. Amy will always support ABWA and women involved in the organization.

Amy lives in Youngstown, NY with her husband, Paul and son, Keegan who is a freshman at UB this year.  For their son's high school graduation they took him and his best friend to Whistler, British Columbia for a week of white water rafting, ziplining, sightseeing  and exploring, it was an amazing trip and an incredibly beautiful location.

Fun facts:

What is your favorite TV Show? I am a HGTV and Food Network junkie, so almost any show on either channel is something I like to watch

Favorite Song on the radio? I listen to books vs. music most days, but enjoy jazz music

Favorite ice cream flavor? I'm lactose intolerant, but bring on a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and I'm in!

Last movie you went to see at the theater? Office Christmas Party (please, don't judge)

Last book you read? Currently reading The Metabolic Typing Diet

What is your favorite holiday and why?
Halloween, because I love seeing all of the kiddos in their cute little costumes, oh and...there's chocolate!

3 unique things about her, in her own words:
1) I was born in Moline, Illinois, the home of the John Deere Tractor
2) Out of all the beautiful places I have had the privilege of living, I like Buffalo best.
3) Being a mother has been the most incredible journey of my life

Best piece of advice you have ever received and by who?
"Treat every job/task like it's your own business and you will propel your career", Robert Lester, owner Progressive Financial Concepts.

Amy would like to leave you with her favorite quote "You are the architect of your life and you decide your own destiny" ~Swami Rama

Amy can be reached by phone or email:
Direct/Office: 716-748-7010 or e-mail at: achristieson@benefitbrokerswny.com